Skelton Farms

A Family Owned, Family Operated Farm


Picturesque Edinboro

Today, Terry spends most of his time in the pastures with the cattle and in the fields of hay during harvesting. Winter is spent repairing and maintaining equipment, getting hay & fresh water to the cattle, and delivering hay to our clients. Trish takes care of marketing and is our farm photographer. She also stays busy in the office, keeping the web site updated, answering the phone, emails and taking care of billing. You’ll probably talk to her about your beef order.


Skelton Farms

Edinboro,PA 16412

(On the corner of Perry Lane & RT 99 )

Just south of lake Erie in PA

Two hours from Pittsburgh,

Just under two hours from Cleveland Ohio and

Buffalo NY


About Our Family Farm

Piedmontese Beef cattle have resided on the Skelton Farm since 1995, however farming has been a family tradition for over 150 years. Terry's great grandfather Jasper began farming in northwestern PA in the 1850's. His son Brady, Terry's grandfather, followed suit, and Terry's father Jim purchased his own farm in 1945. Terry & Trish along with their children, Sam, Molly & Clay, have continued the family tradition. Sam finished her terminal degree in fine arts earning an MFA in metals and is now an artist in residence at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh.  Having finished her degree in Accounting, Molly is now employed with Erie Insurance.  Clay works on the farm during the summer and attends Baldwin Wallace University during the rest of the year, where he is studying Entrepreneurship and is a member of the lacrosse team.

The farm has gone through many transitions in the 30+ years Terry has operated the farm. It was a 100 head dairy and crop farm that he operated with his father in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Trish added alpacas in the spring of 1994 and Piedmontese cattle followed soon after. It didn't take long for Terry & Trish to decided to sell the dairy herd and pursue the alpaca business full time, while building the Piedmontese herd. After over decade of alpaca breeding success, in the spring of 2009 the Skelton family decided to phase out of the alpaca business to devote more time to their growing beef and hay business. A few lovely alpacas still grace the pastures.


The Skelton’s love their cattle and it shows. In addition to all its other attributes,  Piedmontese cattle are a particularly beautiful breed. Anyone driving by the farm is free to enjoy watching adults graze or the young calves romp through the pastures anytime. All cattle are bred, born and raised here in the lush pastures in Edinboro PA. When not grazing on fresh grass, our cattle eat only hay that has been harvested from our farm. Cattle fed the best quality forages stay healthier and produce the best tasting beef.


Cows and calves roam the many pastures on our farm in family groups. During the winter months they have access to barns, but most prefer to seek shelter in the woods on the property. They drink spring water from our farm that is sparkling clean. Young steers and heifers leave the herd for a short period of time during weaning and rejoin the group within a few months. Bulls have a separate pasture but join the herd during breeding season.


The Piedmontese docile nature allows the bulls, steers, cows and calves to all live side by side harmoniously. Because of this incredibly low stress, naturalistic life, they are very healthy. On the rare occasion that an animal needs to be treated with an antibiotic, it is recorded and that animal will never be offered to consumers.


Grandpa Jim Skelton  & Clay Skelton

Terry, Sam, Trish, Molly & Clay Skelton

Samantha , currently a self employed  award winning custom jeweler.

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